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CONSER_CEOI personally welcome you to our website, which is one of our public portals to engage with the world at large.

This year, in June, we will mark the 50th anniversary of CONSER.  It signifies 50 years of consistently delivering high-end engineering services to a multitude of clients in the public and private sector, many of whom have been our clients since the beginning. In this dynamic and challenging market, this is an amazing achievement and we are proud of it.

But 50 years of perseverance did not happen by accident, and the next 50 will most definitely require great changes for us to continue to deliver services and innovations.

That is why I am proud to announce that through this golden year, we will be embarking on 2 massive changes that will herald our future direction.

The first is a pledge more than anything else, and it is a pledge to our environment, where CONSER will put the environment and safeguarding it at the forefront of all our activities and services, even if it means challenging our clients’ requirements and making sure that they too put sustainability first.

The second major announcement is that CONSER will launch CONSER-TECH, which will act as our research and development umbrella that will pool the experiences derived from the last 50 years of projects as well as the over 1,000 People-Years of knowledge and put them towards innovations in construction industry hardware and software.  Look out for announcements from CONSER-TECH soon.

Despite the new initiatives, we will continue to maintain our core values that have brought us here so far; Integrity and Innovation.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we look forward to a further 50 years of relationships.


We utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology and resources to pursue and capitalize on feasible market opportunities throughout the Middle East.
We pride ourselves in our work ethic because we know our extra effort is what makes us successful and separates us from our competition.
Our staff is our most valuable resource. We provide challenging opportunities in a professional work environment. By nurturing ourselves, we are able to cultivate our clients, our number one priority.
As a team, we are good at what we do, and we are doing what we enjoy.
We are committed, and we get the job done!

Our History

Whilst officially registered in 1972 in Beirut Lebanon, CONSER had its beginnings in 1969 in the United Arab Emirates when the founder, Mr. Azmi Haroun, established an office to cater to the civil engineering needs of a budding new country.

As the quality of our work was immediately well regarded, and the volume was getting larger, expansion became inevitable, and thus branches were established in other emirates. This also coincided with the establishment of a head design office in Lebanon which made it far more feasible to have high quality catering to the entire operations.

Within a few years, CONSER was competing with international & regional firms in the Arabian Gulf Region and establishing itself very strongly in the Levant.

With the first few projects dealing with roads and highways, the addition of expertise and partners meant that CONSER was able to handle a variety of civil projects. Water and Environmental projects followed suite, as did Bridge and Interchange Design, Architectural, Marine and Urban Planning.

With the onset of the unfortunate Civil War in Lebanon, CONSER moved its main design office to the UK and later to the UAE ensuring continued top-rate design servicing to its clients. During this time, CONSER took pride in maintaining a rate of over 95% in customer satisfaction, with 80% of its business as repeat clients due to our high standards that have been always adhered to.
3 decades on, and CONSER is still proud to be servicing the region, with many projects under its belt and always exceeding the clients expectations.
A company that started out with the goal of becoming a top regional firm has been realized, and the future is ours to grasp.